AMST-320 Gender/Media/Culture
Fall for 2017-2018
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This course considers the intersection of gender and popular culture in
the United States. Students will engage with a variety of texts--drawn
primarily from history, American Studies, and cultural studies--as a way
of considering various models for understanding the complimentary
relationship between "gender identities" and "popular culture." We will consider race, ethnicity, class, and sexual identities across a range of forms, including fashion, television, advertising, bars, dance halls, and discos.

Students will also actively engage in their own critical projects
concerning gender issues in popular cultural forms and show their
critical analysis through the creation of multimedia narrative projects
('digital stories'). The focus of the course will be in developing
understanding and skills in the development of a critical stance towards issues surrounding the development of gender identities and popular and mass cultural 'products.'
Credits: 03
Prerequisites: None
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