ARAB-333 Classical Arabic Prose I
Fall for 2017-2018
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This is a content-based course, totally conducted in Arabic. The course is a historical and literary study of the development of classical Arabic prose, and it aims to provide a reflective and critical look into Arab culture and the development of the Arabic intellectual traditions. It traces Arabic prose in the pre- Islamic era, then proceeds to readings in the Quran and early Islamic prose. All the readings, writing assignments are in Arabic. We will endeavor to investigate three major themes parallel to each other:

1- theory of prose in Arabic literature,
2- Arab and Islamic cultures as signified by the texts we read, and
3- and Arabic stylistics and aesthetics

The course will cover:

1- the Arabic language and classical Arabic prose in the pre-Islamic era,
2- Quran, Hadiith, and the development of prose in early Islam,
3- and, prose in the Umayyad and early Abbasid period.

Part two of the course, ARAB 334, will cover prose in the Abbasid and al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) eras.

Assignments and evaluation:

1- You will write weekly outlines and reflective commentaries on the readings and on the class lectures, which will be presented at every meeting. You are expected to take notes during the lecture, and submit an outline and comment on the subject the next week. (50%)

2- Input, presentations, and participation in class discussions. (25%)

3- A final take-home exam to be answered in Arabic. (25%)
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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