BIOL-008 Ecology and the Environment
Spring for 2017-2018
Sze, Philip
At a time when we face a number of serious environmental challenges, an understanding of ecology is important. The objectives of this course are to provide nonscience majors with an introduction to ecologic concepts and to discuss several important environmental issues using books and articles written for a general audience. In Part 1 (what an ecologist wants to know), we will discuss how a forest works, scientific observation, global patterns, lake ecology, and evaluation of environmental quality. In Part 2, we will study how global climate change is altering specific ecologic systems. In Part 3, we discuss the impact of invasive species especially on islands. In Part 4, we will read and discuss a recent book on another ecologic topic. This course satisfies the general education requirement for a science course and is not open to students majoring in a science. [Not recommended for students who have taken BIOL-016.]
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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