BIOL-152 Genetics
Fall for 2017-2018
This course presents an introduction to both classical and molecular genetics. Topics to be covered include features and patterns of inheritance in bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, and humans; gene and chromosome mutations; structure and function of chromatin; DNA replication; gene expression and regulation; recombinant DNA technology; and non-Mendelian genetics. The laboratory is designed to illustrate topics covered in the lecture and to introduce students to problem solving and experimental design. Three lecture hours and one three-hour laboratory per week.

This course fulfills the "Molecules" distribution requirement and serves as an approved course towards a concentration in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, as well as for a concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Biology for Biology majors; this course is required for the Environmental Biology major.
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: BIOL-103

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Fall '17: Rolfes, R. (file download)
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