BIOL-191 Biology Gateway
Spring for 2017-2018
This course will serve as a gateway to the Biology and Environmental Biology majors. The course will cover different “case studies” in which a topic will be explored from a number of different biological perspectives (e.g., molecular function, evolution), but also thinking about human and social implications. Case studies may vary from year to year, but topics could include human migration and evolution of pigmentation, epigenetics, evolution of the blood clotting and steroid hormones, and aging. We will also emphasize the importance of communicating science to diverse audiences. Students are expected to participate actively in ongoing class discussions and group projects. The class will meet for two 75 minute lectures and one 55 minute recitation each week.

This course is restricted to Biology and Environmental Biology majors. Permission of the instructor is required to open the course to other majors.

Credits: 4
Prerequisites: BIOL-103,-104
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: BIOL-103,-104, EEB Priority
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