BIOL-194 Biology of Global Health
Spring for 2017-2018
This course will serve as an introduction to the Biology of Global Health major. The course will cover two different “case studies” in which a health topic will be explored from a number of different angles, especially the science, but also including policy, ethics, law, economics, etc. Case studies may vary from year to year, but topics could include infectious disease, non-communicable disease, environmental effects on disease, and the like. Emphasis is placed on communicating science to diverse audiences using a variety of different media, and may include web sites, short videos, podcasts, newspaper articles, blogs as well as more traditional written work. Students are expected to participate actively in ongoing class discussions and group projects. The class will meet for a 75 minute lecture and two 75 minute recitations each week.

This course is restricted to Biology of Global Health majors. Permission of the instructor is required to open the course to other majors.
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: BIOL-103,-104
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: None
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