BIOL-203 Seminar: Inquiry into the Foundations of Biology
Fall for 2017-2018
Anderson, Cynthia
This new course has been designed specifically for students who will be Teaching Assistants in Foundations of Biology (BIOL-103 and -104). Topically, the course will follow Foundations of Biology, but we will delve further into the underlying science to develop a more integrated and nuanced understanding of core biology concepts appropriate to an upper-level course. Course assignments will help students grapple with the underlying logic, complexities and connectivity of core biological concepts, investigate common misunderstandings, design pedagogical interventions to overcome barriers to learning, and study how to accurately assess learning. Students will have the opportunity to apply their findings as Teaching Assistants in the laboratory section of the course and in the tutoring center. Every week students will attend two class hours, run one 3 hour lab group, and participate in the biology peer-tutoring center for 1 hour. Enrollment requires the approval of instructor. The course may only be taken once although students can apply to be Teaching Assistants in subsequent semesters. The course is part of a larger campus initiative – the “Reimagining Tradition Seminars” and will operate as an Inquiry Seminar because of its special emphasis on students’ collaborative efforts to research issues related to learning the core biology concepts taught in Foundations of Biology I and II.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BIOL-103, BIOL-104; By permission of instructor
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