BIOL-265 Genetics & Disability: Arts & Media
Fall for 2016-2017
This course explores two major themes. First, we will examine recent trends and policies related to reproductive genetic testing, and the potential implications of such testing on individuals, families, and society. Second, we will consider whether and how the widespread use of genomic medicine in general improves health on an individual and population basis. Related to these two themes, we will reflect on how perceptions of health and disability are explored through film, literature, and the media. Students will engage in interactive class discussions and presentations, and complete scholarly written commentaries on Discussion Boards and in a Media Notebook project.

This course is part of a disability studies cluster, which will include lectures and interactive workshops with leading disability scholars and activists.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BIOL-103 (Foundations I)

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Fall '16: Peshkin B (file download)
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