BIOL-365 Conservation Biology
Fall for 2017-2018
Earth is currently in its sixth major extinction event. All forms of biodiversity are being lost at rates unprecedented in the geological record and this event is being caused almost entirely by the actions of a single species: Homo sapiens. The need to mitigate the effects of biodiversity loss has given rise to the science and practice of Conservation Biology. This relatively new discipline encompasses core biological perspectives from the fields of ecology and evolution as well as applied approaches such as range management, forestry, and fisheries biology. Additionally, Conservation Biology intersects with political science, sociology, law, economics, and engineering in its pursuit of conserving biological diversity. In this class we will focus on biological principles that form the basis of successful conservation efforts and explore societal frameworks in which Conservation Biology operates.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BIOL-104 and BIOL-180 or BIOL-185
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