CCTP-686 Culture of War, Culture of Peace
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This course is a multidisciplinary examination of the cultures surrounding war and peace. The fundamental research question it addresses is, if peace is such a desirable state, why is it so unstable? What are the cultural forces that tip societies toward recurrent war?

Course elements will examine:
• The economics of war – how does war affect the warring states’ economies?
• What are peace studies, and do they make any difference?
• The law of war – what is it and why do we have a body of law that establishes rules for war?
• What are the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and do they work? Under what circumstances?
• What is the technology of war, and how does it support war or enforce peace?
• How are modern non-state wars different from conventional wars, and does this matter?

Grade will be based upon
• Two field reports based on students’ attendance at war/peace events and hearings
• One short essay
• In class presentation on one of the above topics

Readings will run about 30-50 pages per week.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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