CHIN-463 Survey of Chinese Literary Genres
Yu, Chen-Yieh Catherine
This course offers an introductory overview of some of the most influential and cherished masterpieces of the rich Chinese literary tradition, covering a wide range of works from the Zhou dynasty to the Qing dynasty. Works studied include selections from the ancient Book of Songs, the teachings of Confucius and Laozi, the poetry of the Tang and Song dynasties, and the novels Journey to the West (Xiyou ji) and Dream of the Red Chamber (Honglou meng). An essential course for students of Chinese language and culture, it aims to enhance students' appreciation and knowledge of Chinese philosophy and literature while emphasizing the development of advanced oral skills to communicate abstract concepts. Readings in modern vernacular Chinese are supplemented with the original classical Chinese texts; no knowledge of classical Chinese is required. Conducted in Chinese.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: 300 level or above
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