CLSG-210-01 Greek Hymns
Fall for 2017-2018
The aim of this course is to achieve a thorough knowledge of ancient Greek hymns through a survey of the extant remains with particular attention to diction, compositional technique, and style. Students will also become familiar with current methodological and critical approaches to performance, ritual and literature, as well as the religious discourse of the polis by reading selections from the secondary literature. The course is intended to impart an appreciation of the variety within the genre as a whole. In addition to the primary and secondary readings assigned for each class meeting, there will be two exams, a paper and a final essay question. Students will be asked to prepare brief reports consisting of a close reading of some hymns selected from the material assigned. They should also read on their own all portrions of the text not covered in Greek in English.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: CLSG 101
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