FREN-263 French Theater Workshop: Moliere
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MOLIERE, also known as " le grand Poquelin ", is to the French what Shakespeare is to the English, ie. the founding -- but ever young -- reference for theatric accomplishment and endless source of dramatic interpretation. This semester, in keeping with a tradition here at Georgetown going back nearly twenty years, we are going to do scene study from three famous plays by this 17th century master : L'ECOLE DES FEMMES, LE MISANTHROPE and TARTUFFE. This course is resolutely performance-based, meaning : " up-on-your-feet " acting, under the guidance of a very experienced teacher and director. You will be expected to participate on a regular basis in scene work with other actors, maintain a " journal de bord " ( personal theater diary ) and perform in a small-scale production at the conclusion of the semester.

For each of the above theater performance workshops, students will present at least two live interpretations and write a paper or theater diary (journal de bord) in French based on their scene interpretation. Both majors and qualified non-majors are invited to enroll. Both French 263 and 270 are cognate courses with the Department of Art, Music, and Theater, and also fulfill the upper-division post-advanced language requirement for the French major.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Advanced II or placement
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