FREN-268 Black Playwrights: French Theater Workshop
Spring for 2017-2018
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A recent addition to the repertory of our French Theater Workshops is our offering of texts by African and Afro-Caribbean French-language playwrights, investigated theatrically in the very same spirit as all texts studied in these performance-based courses, ie. with an eye to helping all students experience the total intellectual and existential impact of the play-texts being studied through physical projection of word, gesture and emotion in space before a real-life audience. This time around, we’ll be experimenting with exciting works by Caya Makhélé, Julius-Amédé Laou, and Gilbert Doho. However, the crowning play of the course will be a brand new dramatic work, with spoken word, song and dance, by our resident French Department playwright Dr. Amadou Koné : Sigui, Siguila, Siguiya. Student actors will perform this play in full at our new Davis Center for Performing Arts in Fall 2006, with auditions for major roles being held before the end of the Spring semester.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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