FREN-325 Acting Absurd Theater in English
Spring for 2017-2018
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Born in Australia, Dr. Bensky has decided to extend his class offerings by affording students the opportunity to work with him in his native English. Since, furthermore, he enjoyed the personal friendship of Eugene Ionesco and since he also enjoyed positive feedback from Samuel Beckett, he will concentrate this time around on the so-called Theater of the Absurd, as incarnated in the minds of critics by these two giants. Students will maintain a Journal de Bord (in English or French), produce a paper (in either language) based on their performative experience and will participate in a final montage of scenes and excerpts before a campus audience. Works studied to include: Ionesco’s The Killer and Beckett’s Endgame. Previous acting experience, though welcome, is not a prerequisite. However, the willingness to shed naturalism and explore new acting codes certainly is. May count toward the French major if written work is done in French. Cognate course with Performing Arts.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Non-Majors: FREN-151 and 1 course between 161-251, or instructor's permission. Majors: FREN-250 and FREN-251, or instructor's permission.
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