FREN-332 French-Speaking Africa: Languages, Literatures, Cultures
Spring for 2017-2018
A study of the major intellectual and cultural trends in French-speaking African societies. Topics will include features of the varieties of French spoken in Africa, main trends in neo-African literature in French (Kateb Yacine, Malick Fall, Mariama Ba, Valentin Mudimbe, etc.), central ideologies ("negritude" versus African personality), arts and recreation, sports, crafts, African influences on French artists, philosophies, and cosmogonies (Tempels, Ndaw, Houtoundji, Griaule). Cross-listed with the African Studies Program and Comparative Literature. This course fulfills the upper-division culture or post-1800 literature requirement for the French major.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: FREN 151 and 1 course between FREN 161-262, or FREN 250 and FREN 251, or instructor's permission
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