FREN-380-01 Quebec Film Classics
Spring for 2017-2018
Film is the seventh art, and a form of creative expression and entertainment that is unique to the past century. It portrays our society, even as it distorts that portrait, magnifying certain questions while it elides others. The study of film can give insights into not only what was and is, but also what could be or could have been, in a given society at a chosen time. It is a medium of vision, in all senses of the word.

In this discussion-based course, the focus is on films that reflect (on) Québec society: its individual and collective identities, its history, its conflicts and its cultural vitality. Students will view and discuss feature films, documentaries and animated shorts that are seldom seen in the United States, by directors as varied as Denys Arcand, Claude Jutra, Jacques Godbout, Frédéric Back, Robert Lepage and Paule Baillargeon. Attention will be paid to the specialized vocabulary of cinema, and to various critical approaches to film analysis. Students will be encouraged to "read" films in a similar fashion to the way we "read" literature at the university level, that is, with an active critical mind, rather than just for passive enjoyment. In all instances, films will be discussed as both expressions of and contributors to their specific culture as well as "works of art" in their own right.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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