FREN-454 African Self-Perceptions
Fall for 2017-2018
This course will explore African self-perceptions through an in-depth study of primary sources, such as oral and written literature, cultural theories and political discourse, arts and crafts, and film and other media. This series of analyses will enable students to observe how Africans make sense out of their human and natural environment, as well as to discern trends and patterns of change and areas of social tension and conflict in the lives of Africans today. The course will conclude with a critical appraisal of the contribution of non-African Africanists to the study of African cultures and world views. This course fulfills the upper-division culture requirement for the French major. Cross-listed with African Studies & International Affairs.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: Non-Majors: FREN-151 and 1 course between 161-251, or instructor's permission. Majors: FREN-250 and FREN-251, or instructor's permission.
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