FREN-460 Christian Paths in French Literature
This course is aimed toward students from all cultural, philosophical, and religious backgrounds who have an open, critical interest in examining the impact of the Christian heritage on French literature. We will take a cross-century approach from the Reformation period to the present day in order to explore this Christian heritage within the context of the historical development of French literature. We will emphasize the ways in which various genres (poetry, novel, theater) can function as the means of an expression of faith and a relationship with the Divine, as well as the ways in which powerful imaginative symbols participate in shaping various Christian perspectives in literary texts. In the final section of the course, we will focus on the encounter of Christian and non-Christian traditions in contemporary culture. Students will be encouraged to pursue individual research in conjunction with their own personal interests. Authors to be studied include Rabelais, Jean de Sponde, S. Francois de Sales, Pascal, Jeanne Guyon, Verlaine, Leon Boy, Henry Le Saux and Louis Massignon. This course fulfills the upper-division post-1800 literature requirement for the French major.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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