FREN-461 French Lit in Light of Arts & Photography
Spring for 2015-2016
In this course, we will study the relationship between 20th Century French literature and photography. We will start by focusing on the historical role played by surrealism in a new definition of photography that emphasized magical and supernatural forms as opposed to traditional realism. In this regard, we will read two major works by André Breton, Nadja and L'Amour Fou, which both include numerous pictures.
We will also study my own book, The Paradox of Photography, in which I discuss the critical discourse on photography by modern French poets, in particular Paul Valéry. We will then analyze Roland Barthes' La Chambre Claire, a seminal autobiographical essay on the medium. Finally, we will watch the movie Blow Up, which deals specifically with the representation of crime and evil in photography.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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