FREN-481 Modern French Canadian Literature: Urban Fictions in Québec
This course will present the historical and contemporary visages of Montr?al as a way to understand the cultural evolution of contemporary Qu?bec. The goal of this new course is to allow students to discover and explore the world's second largest Francophone city through literature and films that highlight its role as the cosmopolitan cultural and economic heart of Qu?bec society. The course will be divided into three, chronologically ordered sections: the first will be an introduction covering the history of Montr?al; the second part will examine the role of the city as a symbol of Qu?bec's modernization and aspirations in the years following the Quiet Revolution; and the final, most substantial section will focus on the socio-cultural and political issues that affect life in Montr?al today. Topics to be covered include rural migration to the city, cosmopolitan diversity and the question of Qu?bec identity, symbolic buildings and public spaces, current economic realities, and metropolitan consolidation. Texts may include works by Gabrielle Roy, Jacques Godbout, Nicole Brossard, Louis Hamelin, Monique Proulx, and Sherry Simon, and films such as J?sus de Montr?al, Montr?al vu par . . ., and Cosmos. This course fulfills the upper-division post-1800 literature requirement of the French major.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: FREN 151 and 1 course between FREN 161-262, or FREN 250 and FREN 251, or instructor's permission
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