GBUS-461 Political Economy of Cities: Latin America and Asia
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
This course will address the political economy of cities with a focus on Latin American and Asian cities. It will begin with general background, move onto issues and sectors, and then address city cases (approximately one-third each). The general background will address history, analytical tools, and cities as actors in the international system; and sectors/issues will address transport, land use, energy, housing, water, and water sectors coping with the challenges of inequality, climate change, and rapid urbanization. The proposed cities for class discussion include Buenos Aires, Havana, Lima, Mexico City, Rio, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Shanghai, and . Students will be expected to take one of these cities and select one other city (either on this list or one of your choice) and follow them through the semester, lead the class discussion on “their” city, and produce a series of short papers leading to a final paper comparing the two cities, their challenges, the policy responses, and results.

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GBUS 461-01 BSFS (Jr & Sr); GBUS 461-02 IBD Candidates & GBFs; GBUS 461-03 GSFS; GBUS 461-04 GSFS IBD Candidates, MBA, CCT, OTHERS WITH PERMISSION
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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