GERM-111 Intensive Advanced German: Stories and Histories
Fall for 2017-2018
Spring for 2017-2018
In the intensive track, the two-course sequence of Level III is taught in one semester. The course is designed to provide students thorough exposure to contemporary historical and social issues in Germany from 1945 to the present. In Intensive Advanced, the students explore the following four themes:

• Germany after 1945: end of war, division of Germany, rebuilding the country
• Two German states (1949-1989)
• Fall of the wall and its consequences
• Germany: en route to a multi-cultural society

Drawing on the dual meaning of the German word Geschichte (i.e., history and story), the theme-oriented instructional units in Level III emphasize personal and public stories in German history, while connecting oral narratives with written narratives. Students improve their ability to narrate, compare and contrast and establish causal relationships in speaking and writing. Through the integration of all modalities, this course promotes accuracy, fluency and complexity in language use. The development of advanced reading and writing is considered the primary means for expanding students' language abilities at this level of language instruction.

By the end of Level III, students will
• have an understanding of post-war historical events and of contemporary life in Germany;
• know how to approach authentic materials (television, news programs; videos) and use acquired knowledge to discuss and understand related issues;
• produce paragraph-length dialogue, moving from the personal to the public narrative and to the formulation of argument and critical analysis in a formal setting;
• possess knowledge of phrases necessary to engage in meaningful interactive discussion;
• read non-fiction and literary texts independently;
• improve their writing abilities through regular composition assignments
• possess strategies for vocabulary building and reading.
Credits: 6
Prerequisites: completion of 032 or 022 or equivalent
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