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GERM-161 Oral Proficiency: Issues and Trends
Fall for 2014-2015
This three-credit Level IV course aims to develop the advanced literacy abilities of summarizing, interpreting and questioning, and presenting and substantiating arguments in professional and academic settings, primarily in speaking but also in writing, through the in-depth exploration of current political, social, and cultural issues in Germany as they are portrayed and discussed in major media outlets. PLEASE NOTE: Some students will have the opportunity to engage in an innovative telecollaborative exchange with students in Germany for part of the semester.

The course will focus on at least two of the following three contemporary issues:

- Nationale Identität und Fußballpatriotismus: Redefinition of national identity in the post-war period and its expression in the context of soccer.

- Demographischer Wandel: The changing demographics in Germany, particularly the ongoing debate regarding the declining birth rate;

- Die Stationierung deutscher Streitkräfte im Ausland: Controversy concerning the role of German armed forces abroad, with particular focus on Afghanistan.

In order to develop students’ ability to discuss these issues at an advanced level, the language used in public to debate the issues will be examined and will serve as a model for student appropriation and eventual production. As with all Level IV courses in the Georgetown German Department, students’ language production moves from a primarily narrative focus to a more analytical and interpretive focus. Because of this framework and its emphases, this course in particular is seen as helpful preparation for the SFS oral proficiency exam.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: completion of 102 or 111 or equivalent

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Fall '14: Ryshina-Pankova, Marianna. (description)
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