GERM-167 Liebe, Lust, Leidenschaft
Offered academic year 2018-2019
“Love” in all of its manifestations might well be the most popular topic of literature throughout all cultures and historical periods. Yet despite this universal appeal, notions and representations of love have changed (and continue to change) quite dramatically over time and across various cultures and subcultures.

This course explores the literary and visual discourses on love and its manifestations in romantic relationships by looking at selected texts and films from 18th century Germany to the present. Based on these texts, we will discuss the class and gender-specific implications of the changing notions of “love” both for the individual and for society.

Students will encounter multiple genres and perspectives on the topic of “love” in different historical periods. By reading independently and working collaboratively with texts and films, students will increase their understanding of textual organization and of academic language use in German.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: completion of 102 or 111 or equivalent
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