GERM-370-01 The 20th Century Drama: War and Human Experience
Fall for 2017-2018
Nothing has had such impact on 20th century literature as the two World Wars. German authors and poets have been impacted by those wars in ways that are still evident so many years later. This course will be an attempt to read and share in their many poetic realizations on war and human feelings. How could such horror have come to pass, and twice? How does war affect being a human being?

Because it is important both for active appreciation of the works and also for continuing improvement in German, students will have frequent written assignments and oral presentations.

The method to be used with the texts will be that of a contemplative reading, a method that elicits reaction and realization on the part of the reader. The students will express themselves freely both orally and in writing on each of the pieces studied in class. The course is focused primarily on drama, but also brings in shorter poetic-prose pieces and film.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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