GOVT-394 Dept Sem: Perspectives on the Supreme Court
Spring for 2016-2017
Minear, Jeffrey
This course will consider the Supreme Court of the United States in three distinct dimensions. During the first third of the class meetings, we will examine the Court from a practice-oriented perspective. We will specifically review the Court’s procedures for selecting cases, the process of briefing and oral argument, and the Court’s internal decision-making practices. During the second third of the class meetings, we will survey the Court from an historic perspective, identifying significant Justices, advocates, and controversies that have shaped the character and role of the Court. During the final third of the class meetings, we will study in depth several historic decisions that illustrate the unique institutional challenges facing a court of last resort in a scheme of separated powers. The class format will be similar to a law school seminar, with an expectation of
active class participation.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: GOVT-008
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