GOVT-395 Dept Sem:Emotional/Psychological Costs of Liberalism
Fall for 2017-2018
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Liberalism is a theory of liberty, of possessiveness and materialism. For many classical liberals, freedom meant the 'freedom' to pursue the market, to equate one's economic self interest with individualism. But there are psychological costs to the ideology of success and possessive individualism; and it is those costs, particularly in terms of alienation, loneliness, isolation, and fear, we will explore in a literature focusing on serious omissions in the political psychology of liberalism.

This course has been renumbered, effective Fall 2014. A student who earned credit for GOVT 413 Dept Sem: Emo/Pay Costs/Librism in a prior term should not enroll and cannot earn credit in this class.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: GOVT 117 or GOVT 080
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