GOVT-596 Capstone Course in Conflict Resolution
Fall for 2017-2018
Balcells, Laia
One of the challenges in the field of conflict resolution, given the diversity of theories and practices, is integrating a broad range of ideas, concepts and practices. In addition, as students near the end of the degree they often see things in a new light, with new insights, questions or interests. Finally, the challenge of integrating “theory and practice” often remains elusive. Professionals often grapple with the nexus between theory and practice. The Capstone Course provides students with an opportunity to reflect upon the theory-practice nexus, fill in gaps in previous learning, and develop new insights in conflict resolution.

As the culmination of enrollment in the Conflict Resolution Masters Degree, the Capstone Course provides students with an opportunity to both reflect upon what they have learned and to integrate their understanding of the field. Students have enrolled in both the core CR courses and taken a wide array of other courses while at Georgetown. The Capstone offers an opportunity to both integrate individual knowledge as well as share knowledge between students.

The course is designed to encourage both reflection and sharing. Reflection comes both through classroom discussion as well as a student portfolio. The portfolio brings together student coursework into one annotated volume. Sharing, like reflection, comes from classroom discussion as well as through student presentations. The presentations can be thought of as the learning ‘highlights’ drawn from enrollment in the CR program and applied to a current conflict. Of course, students should through the process of reflection and sharing come to identify areas where further development may be desired.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: CR MA student or permission of instructor
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