INAF-414 Global Marketing Strategies
Fall for 2015-2016
The course will mostly operate at the level of the multinational business enterprise, and will examine the marketing function of the firm within the context of global economic and political forces, such as globalization, international trade regimes, and global competitive dynamics. The course will also focus on the international market strategies of some smaller business enterprises. When addressing global companies, the curriculum will alternate between the global and subsidiary levels, and their respective operating environments, as we address market entry, market development, market segmentation, target marketing, brand management, product and marketing adaptation strategies, product line management, the compromise between local and global marketing norms, marketing thru local distribution channels, communication and advertising strategies, and pricing. In addition, the course will also address macro-market issues such as variances between marketing to developed and emerging markets, marketing to both emerging and developed markets in a single geographic region, and how a company can position itself within the “tail-wind” of a country's national strategy. Towards the end of the semester we will also look at marketing strategies for countries themselves, marketing strategies for government agencies, as well as for non-governmental organizations and NGOs.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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