INAF-550 Secularism in Turkey
Fall for 2017-2018
Cagaptay, Soner
This course examines the birth, growth, and institutionalization of secularism in Turkey, a rare democracy among Muslim majority countries. The course analyzes the historical and political factors that have driven secularism in Turkey, including the military, Turkish/Balkan Islam, Ataturk’s legacy, laicite, and now the European Union (EU) process. The course also studies the connection between secularism and the country’s pro-Western foreign policy orientation. In doing this, the course provides a narrative of Ottoman and Turkish history since the eighteenth century, analyzing the Turks’ evolving relationship with the West (especially Europe) and the gradual secularization of Turkish society. The course also studies the Islamist challenge to Turkish secularism in order to analyze the future of secularism and the durability of the Turks’ identification with the West in the post September 11 world.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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