ITAL-362 Italian Literature and Society, 1200-1600
Offered academic year 2006-2007
Professor McAuliffe
In this course we will examine the writings of lay and religious men and women from the earliest Italian vernacular texts to the Early Modern period. We will read works from different genres (theatre, narrative prose, correspondence, lyric poetry, etc.) by writers from different social and cultural backgrounds. The primary focus will be a close reading of the text in the original. This close reading will be supplemented by the examination of a variety of critical approaches intended to enhance the understanding of the primary text. Authors to be studied include Francis of Assisi, Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Caterina da Siena, Lorenzo de' Medici, Machiavelli, Ariosto, Michelangelo, Vittoria Colonna, and Veronica Franco. Conducted in Italian.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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