ITAL-371 Futurisms: Italy and Russia
Professors Pireddu and Mihaychuk
An aesthetic and broadly cultural movement that defines itself as interdisciplinary and international, Futurism encourages a comparative approach. In this course, we will examine the rise and the development of Futurism, concentrating on the rich exchanges between its Italian and Russian manifestations, while tracing its even broader influence on early twentieth-century culture. Starting from its realist and symbolist antecedents, we will investigate what makes Futurism an example of avant-garde, and what still binds it to the traditional world it claims to destroy. Through a selection of material from the most famous Italian and Russian Futurists, we will concentrate on such topics as the shock of the new, the cult of technology and of speed, the frenzy of urban spaces and the appeal of the primitive, considering their effects on literature, painting, and cinema, and the political ideology they convey. Conducted in English. This course satisfies one of the two literature and writing requirements of the College.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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