ITAL-428 From the Danube to the Sea: The Itinerary of an Italian & Mitteleuropean Writer
Spring for 2017-2018
Magris Claudio
A new course taught by the famous Italian writer, Claudio Magris, who will be a visiting professor in the Italian Department and Professor Pireddu. The goal of this course is to trace a writer's development, starting from Prof. Magris' experience in his native city of Trieste. The topics that will be addressed include the clash of diverse cultures, the meaning of boundaries (not only national, but also cultural, psychological, and linguistic), and how personal experience translates into literary production. These topics will be explored within the context of Mitteleurope and the fall of the Habsburg Empire. The course will also discuss the literary transition from the modern to the postmodern. In particular, the course will stress the evolution from the analytical to the narrative mode, as reflected in Magris' own formation as a writer. Texts to be discussed include Danubio, Un altro mare, and Microcosmi. Conducted in Italian.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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