JAPN-358 Cultures of Modernization in East Asia
Offered academic year 2009-2010
(Also CHIN-358, KREN-358) In the course of the twentieth century, one Asian country after another became a laboratory for experiments in agriculture, industrial development and social engineering under the name of "modernization." What was "modernization"? What ideals and what dangers did it represent to people? This course will resituate modernization in the context of its time and examine it from the bottom up. Through works of history, anthropology, fiction and film, we will explore the experience of economic development and social reform at regional and local levels throughout East Asia. Topic areas will include Japanese colonial administration in Korea and Taiwan, the green revolution in the Philippines, national culture under the developmental state in Singapore, everyday life reform campaigns in Japan, and China's Great Leap Forward. Readings will also include works on modernization theory in mid-century social science and its influence on policies in Asia. Conducted in English. Prerequisite: None.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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