JAPN-361 Readings in Japanese Literature
Offered academic year 2006-2007
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This course focuses on a series of readings of selections from Modern Japanese Literature by leading Twentieth Century authors, covering the period from around 1920 to the 1990s. The selections are mainly from leading works of fiction, but some selections from poetry and drama are also included. Authors include Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Tanizaki Jun'ichiro, Dazai Osamu, Kawabata Yasunari, Mishima Yukio, Abe Kobo, and Murakami Haruki. Each selection consists of an extended section in Japanese from an author, with English and Japanese vocabulary notes and Japanese analyses for each. Relevant comparisons will be made among the various authors and their works, from the perspective of their historical and social contexts. This course is in Japanese, combining content and language learning. Prerequisite: JAPN-212 or equivalent.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: JAPN-212 or equivalent
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