JAPN-372 Readings in Language and Culture
Offered academic year 2013-2014
This course is designed to improve advanced Japanese language learners' reading and writing skills, using selected texts on language and culture. It focuses on (a) accurate comprehension of authentic printed and/or spoken resources on various issues related to language and culture, (b) learning of advanced vocabulary and grammar, and (c) the improvement of both written and spoken communication skills through rigorous discussions and written assignments. The topics discussed in the course include the typological characteristics of the Japanese language, a comparison between Japanese and other languages, the roles of kanji and foreign loan words, onomatopoeia, gender issues, language change, and language register and honorific expressions. Rigorous participation in class activities, various oral and written assignments/projects, frequent quizzes and tests, mid-term and final exams, and a term project will be required. This course satisfies one semester of the College's social science general education requirements and/or the upper elective requirement for Japanese majors. Prerequisite: JAPN-212 or equivalent.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: JAPN-212 or equivalent
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