JAPN-411 Japanese Literature in Film
Fall for 2017-2018
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As the course name suggests, most of the films used in the course are visual adaptations or interpretations of notable Japanese literary and/or artistic creations in printed form – novels, plays, manga, graphic novels, light novels, etc. We will take a look at and become familiar with these works, along with the films related to, inspired by, or derived from them.

In some cases, the original works still remain unavailable in English translation, and the films related to them, with English subtitles, are
still the only means for English speakers to become acquainted with these world-class works in Japanese. As a rule, films with Japanese audio and English subtitles will be used in class. This is not due to any sort of elitism or exclusionism, but in an effort to preserve performative authenticity. It is also meaningful and useful to compare the Japanese films with relevant works from other cultures and countries, enhancing their appreciation within a broader meaningful and insightful contextual range.

In order to encourage more students to compare film versions with their own readings of related original literary or artistic Japanese works available in English translation, extra credit may be awarded to those who would like to work on film-book comparisons and contrasts as their term paper topics.

Offered in English, and open to all Georgetown University students.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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