JAPN-412 Japanese Anime Film
Spring for 2017-2018
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Generally, we will spend several sessions each on Anime Films which are regarded as outstanding by most critics, and which often consist of a constellation of series episodes, movies, OAV’s, etc. We will generally deal with pairings of films that can be compared or contrasted productively, along with a few other related films
in some cases. We will also become familiar with leading Anime creators, such as Miyazaki Hayao, Oshii Mamoru, Kon Satoshi, Shinkai Makoto, and Kamiyama Kenji. We will focus on the “historical” importance, thematic relationships, artistic qualities, and technical aspects of these Anime Films. Single sessions will be devoted to new or recent Anime that are especially noteworthy, and which are of value for thematic, artistic, and technical comparisons with other major Anime in the schedule. We will also examine connections with Manga versions, and other literary and historical underlying sources for Japanese Anime Films.

Students are expected to attend class sessions and work with the course Blackboard assignments and materials regularly. In addition to short reports and comparisons, students will write one long term paper at least 25 pages long, or alternatively, shorter mid-term and final papers, on different topics, of at least 12 pages each. Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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