KREN-352 Korean Literature After 1900
Spring for 2016-2017
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This course introduces the literature of Korea from the early 1900s to 1945. In this course, students will study the literature of this period and the social, cultural, and historical background of these works. The literature of this period greatly reflects the social and cultural conflicts and struggles of Koreans against the Japanese colonial rule. The experience of living in a dark and tragic period motivated Koreans to produce a wide range of literature that expressed their sorrows and inner struggles. Many of the famous literary works of Korea are from this period, and particularly works that appeal to national identity thrived. Frequent topics of this era include yearning for independence, the tragic life of the Koreans under the harsh Japanese rule, and self reflection. In each section, the students will discuss what they have read, and they will write a paper based on the discussion. This course will provide the tools for students to compare the literature written by Koreans who lived through the colonial experience in China, Japan and Korea. Prerequisite: KREN-331, KREN-332 or equivalent
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: KREN-331, KREN-332 or equivalent
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