KREN-361 Korean Myths and Folklore
Offered academic year 2017-2018
This course examines a variety of Korean myths and folklore, which influenced modern Korean culture, thought, and ethics. Korean myth is based on historical facts, and usually consists of stories that tell the extraordinary lives of the founders of tribes and nations. Other myths have been formed to glorify great figures in ancient history. Throughout Korean history, folklore and legends have influenced people by providing important moral guidelines. Thus, students will study the cultural anthropology behind these myths and folklore in order to examine the influence they have had on Korean society today. Later in the course, students will utilize a comparative framework to compare and contrast neighboring countries’ myths. Class discussions will deal with questions such as: Why there are no creation myths
in Korean legends? What contributed to the differences in myths between different countries? What are the implications of these differences and similarities between myths? Why certain myths differ and coincide between certain countries? Thus, through readings and analyses of folklore and legends, students will gain deep insights into Korean culture and religion. Coursework includes reading selected passages of Korean folklore and legends, making oral presentations, and writing papers. Prerequisite: KREN 306, 307 or the equivalent level of knowledge of Korean
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: KREN 306, 307 or equivalent
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