KREN-363 Heroes and Legends: Korean Cultural Identity
Offered academic year 2017-2018
In this course, the student will study notable Korean historical figures from each epoch (from Gojoseon to the pre-modern period) to gain a cumulative perspective of Korean cultural heritage and its roots. The student will build critical cultural, social, and historical understanding of each epoch through the lens of important heroic and historical figures. By studying this material, the student will gain insight into the roots of Korean heritage, based on the history and legends that reflect the thoughts and lives of Korean people. By understanding the legacy of heroes in Korean culture, students will immerse themselves within Korea’s cultural origins, and better understand the Korean identity within the global heritage. Prerequisite: KREN 306, 307 or the equivalent level of knowledge of Korean
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: KREN 306, 307 or equivalent
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