MAAS-530 Ethnic and Religious Minorities: Arab World
Fall for 2017-2018
This seminar examines one of the major problems that the Arab world has faced for over two centuries. In the past three decades especially, this issue has become one of tremendous importance for the ‘survival’ and ‘durability’ of the nation-state in the Arab region. This course will stress the history and condition of minorities in the Arab world. It will put forward that minorities are still perceived as a threat and a challenge to the authority of Arab regimes that wish to maintain homogenous political, cultural and religious identities. Finally, it will emphasize that it is possible for Arab societies to develop notions of belonging/citizenship, which value participation in economic, social, and political life above ethnicity, religion, or place of birth.

NOTE: This is a Content-Based Instruction (CBI) course, designed to give advanced Arabic students the opportunity to acquire strong language skills within their fields of study such as political science, history and economics, among others subjects.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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