MPPR-875 Environmental Communications
Fall for 2017-2018
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This course is designed to equip the communications professional with
the knowledge and skills needed to provide PR counsel on environmental
issues, campaigns, green products and other sustainability-related
topics. In this class, the student will gain a better understanding of
how to identify and engage stakeholders such as environmental media,
nongovernmental organizations, sustainability influencers and
policymakers. Together, we will research, study and discuss a range of
sustainability scenarios to determine effective communication
strategies and tactics using traditional and social media, coalition
building and partnership development. Class assignments and
discussions will help students learn the following:

* How to position and promote a corporate sustainability report;
* How to develop a sustainability thought leadership program;
* How to develop messaging for controversial topics such as nuclear power,
global warming and biofuels;
* How to plan a strategic environmental communications campaign

Students will complete the course with an enhanced understanding of
how best to communicate about a range of sustainability topics,
whether working for a corporation, nonprofit, educational institution
or government organization.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MPPR-505: Elements of Communications Planning


MPPR-875-01 Environmental Communications
Offered academic year 2011-2012
No faculty information available
This course examines the policies, players, and practices that are shaping how organizations and companies communicate on environmental issues. Heightened awareness of global warming, species extinction, habitat destruction, growing energy
demand, and green marketing to consumers are all contributing to a new
environmental era. Today’s communication professionals need the knowledge and skills to help their organizations develop the messages, strategies, and tactics to
influence audience views, change behaviors, and impact policy and public opinion.
The course offers presentations and discussions with a range of environmental communication experts, who will share examples of advocacy, social marketing, event-oriented, grassroots, and media relations’ campaigns. Students will research,
report, and discuss such topics as:
 How movies, films and music contribute to shaping public opinion on
environmental issues;
 How corporations market green messages;
 How to launch consumer environmental campaigns;
 How to deal with conflicts in citing new clean energy facilities;
 How media coverage impacts policy and public opinion.
A final group project allows student teams to develop communications strategies and
plans for helping an organization or business of their choice to advance its
environmental communications program.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MPPR-505: Elements of Communications Planning
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