MSFS-515 Foundations of Corporate Finance
Spring for 2017-2018
The course provides an essential minimum grounding in Finance. The subject matter is therefore universal in application whether one’s ultimate interest is in Government, Not for Profit or the Private Sector.

Upon completion of the course students will achieve familiarity with financial statements and the underlying principles and techniques surrounding their preparation. Students will also be able to take a first look at analyzing financial statements and drawing broad conclusions as to the financial characteristics and stability of the subject entities.

As an integral part of understanding the economic substance of Finance, the course will also introduce basic aspects of security valuation – debt, equity including the principles around their appropriate combination.

The course will draw upon an eclectic series of readings involving both theory and practice (the latter commencing in a highly stylized manner but becoming more realistic as skills and confidence increase). Hence, towards the end of the course, more time will be spent reviewing case-study type material and engaging in the study and discussion of relevant contemporary financial news.

The culmination of the above elements will provide students with a basic vocabulary and tool kit in finance that will both be useful in itself and provide an essential knowledge base for other more specialized MSFS Courses.

The book “Accounting Made Simple” by Mike Piper is mandatory pre-reading ahead of the first class.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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