MSFS-585 Trade Law & Policy Practicum
Spring for 2017-2018
This course focuses on the practice of international trade and investment policy from the viewpoint of a practitioner (government, business, NGO, etc.). The course covers the basic elements of modern-day trade policy, including domestic policy mechanisms, regional or bilateral free trade agreements, and the World Trade Organization, as these address trade in goods, trade in services, private direct cross-border investment, the protection of intellectual property rights, and linkage between trade and social issues such as labor and environment. The course is designed to help the student develop practical skills in solving problems presented in international trade and investment policy; gain specific experience in collaborative problem solving through classroom simulations and other exercises; and refine oral and written briefing skills critical to the success of a practitioner in this area. The first part of the semester will focus on the rules that emerge from international trade and investment and that increasingly govern global trade policy making. The second part of the semester will address challenges and opportunities in policy making that arise in interagency and international negotiations as well as stakeholder relations with legislators, foreign government counterparts, international organizations, NGOs, and the media.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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