MSFS-588 Human Rights in International Relations
This course will provide a basic understanding of human rights, and explore several different ways of using a “rights based approach” to resolving international policy dilemmas. It is designed as a cross-cutting course for students in different concentrations and certificate programs.

The course will be organized into four parts. It will begin by reviewing the development of the international human rights system since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948. The course will then examine a series of contemporary policy challenges from a “rights-based perspective.” These will be broken down into three categories: a) civil and political rights; b) human rights in conflict; and c) social and economic rights. The course will pay particular attention to the role of civil society (human rights NGOs, defenders, community groups). It will also draw on the expertise of several human rights practitioners and experts from the Washington area, and emphasize a practical “hands on” approach to the issues under review. Students will be offered the chance of debating with students from the National War College over the International Criminal Court.

Prof. C. Iain Guest
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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