STIA-315 Environmental Security
This course examines the emergence of the environment as an issue area in world politics. It serves as an introduction to the study of international environmental politics and to the theoretical and paradigmatic approaches scholars and practitioners have taken to understanding them. It will examine several approaches to the connections between world politics and the environment. It will examine the politics surrounding a number of significant regional and global environmental cases so as to address such questions as: Can governments cooperate to address environmental challenges? What effect does such cooperation have on international law and other areas of international politics? What effects does it have on the state? On sovereignty? How are international environmental politics related to struggles for power, wealth, legitimacy and authority? What roles do science and scientists play in international environmental politics? What is "sustainable development?" "environmental security?" "eco-justice?" How do international environmental issues play out in North-South debates? Spring.
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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