STIA-379 Energy and Environment in China
Spring for 2017-2018
In this course we will examine China's energy system and its environmental consequences. Dependent on coal for three quarters of the energy needs to feed its growing economy, China has just surpassed the US as the world's leading emitter of greenhouse gases. What are China's options for energy supply and use, and what are the economic, environmental, and political ramifications at home and abroad? Beginning with the premise that an understanding of China's energy system is crucial to understanding its economic and environmental limitations, the first section of the course examines China's energy industry in detail. We will explore how China's modern political and economic situation has shaped its energy pathway, and the importance of energy in fueling China's rapid economic development. The middle section turns to the examination of impact of China's energy use on China's natural environment, and the current energy technology and policy options available to reduce this impact. The final section shifts to looking at China in a global context, examining the internationalization of China's policy-making with respect to the environment and China's role in international environmental problems and solutions.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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