STIA-408 Environmental Reconstruction and Restoration
Fall for 2017-2018
This seminar will serve as the capstone seminar for the Environmental Studies Minor, a graduate seminar for any graduate students, and a senior seminar for STIA majors. We will focus on two of the most important fields of environmental studies and science: 1) how we reconstruct past landscapes, and 2) how we can restore degraded environments. These topics fulfill the needs of a graduate or senior seminar in environmental studies by studying the science, social science (policy and management), and philosophy of two major environmental challenges. The course activities will include 1) readings on environmental reconstruction (fields such as geoarchaeology and paleoecology), 2) readings in ecological restoration, 3) field trips, and 4) research on projects in these areas. The format of the seminar will be to start each class with some lecture and then move to discussion of the readings and the general topics. Each week two students will lead the discussion part of the class, and prepare a 2-page paper on the topic. All class members must be prepared to discuss the assigned text readings. There will also be common writing and research assignments for which all are responsible. The last week features the oral or poster presentation of your research. There will be times set aside in class for developing analytical and field skills and working on other projects.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
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